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16 Item Recess for Word Nerds

In ! Jen, Play on Sunday, October 11, 2009 at 3:33 am

1. Here’s an awesome cheat sheet for Scrabble. I keep lists of two- and three-letter words in with my Scrabble box. Why multiple lists? So I can give them to opponents and they’ll leave me alone.

2. Anagrammer. I may the last person in America to catch on to this. It’s brilliant, save totally taking the fun out of the game.

3. Make your own puzzles with Discovery Education online. Meant for teachers, but you can also use it for making puzzles for baby showers, bridal showers, teambuilding events, what have you.

4. Urban dictionary. Where to go when you’re >30, not around teenagers or 20-somethings a lot, and don’t understand whether a descriptor you’ve heard is good, bad, or just hailing a cab.

5. English mistakes in Asian products or translations. Having grown up with native Korean-speaking parents, I find these especially funny. Because I’ve probably heard worse.

6. The “blog” of “unnecessary” quotation marks. My cousin Anna turned me on to this site this past summer. Now I see “unnecessary” quotes “everywhere.”

7. Pictures of misspelled tattoos. How does this happen? I would think if you’re about to put ink on your dermis via a big needle, you’d triple, quadruple-check for typos. Apparently, not always.

8. Blog of apostrophe abuse. This type of abuse is increasing, imho.

9. This is one specific blog. It documents L’s written in lowercase, so they look like I’s in context. For example, FLU becomes FIU. You’ll get it; better to see it, 1000 words and all.

10. English fail blog. Part of the Fail franchise.

11. Huge list of emoticons. Not really words, sure. But emoticons can be efficient and may insert the appropriate amount of cutesy if used well. Here is a more efficient (short) list. Personally, I only use one. 🙂

12.  List of leetspeak and texting lingo. I think I know about sixteen of these. That’s probably enough.

13. The ultimate in making every word count. Six word stories.

14. List of funny (or pathetic) resume errors and typos. I think I have a degree in unclear physics, too.

15. 100 great speeches of the 20th century. With text and video or sound.

16. Create your own word clouds with Wordle.


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