upstart thoughts on talent and leadership

About Us

Kristy Braden is an organizational development professional who is passionate about blowing up outdated notions about working and leading, and creating new ways to get good work done by good people. She blogs about other stuff here.

Jen Lee is a brainstorming & HR professional who sees potential everywhere. Any references to people, events, or situations are not about you, and/or do not involve you.

The views expressed in blog posts are our own and are not necessarily those of our employers, previous employers, people we’ve worked with, talked with or even looked at, in the past, present or future. No, we’re not lawyers, but we do like them and occasionally watch Law & Order. We invite you to comment on, link to and share our original talentive blog posts.

  1. Good points, I think I will definitely subscribe!🙂. I’ll go and read some more!

  2. Hey folks, nice blog. Kristy – I worked with you for a short stint at one of those “large corporations” in your past. Um, it was in the basement if that gives you a hint. Hehe. I am looking to move on and found your commentary on career development very informative. Keep up the good work!

    • @Steve — hey there! I still have the 80’s mix you made for a few of us 🙂 Love your site as well, hope to keep up with you in future. — kristy

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